Magdala Charles

M.C Artelier, known as “Magdala Charles”, An artist, born in Arcahaïe, Haiti on July 24, 1996 and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Haiti and now resides in Miami, Florida with a lifelong dedication to the visual arts. Magdala’s passion in the arts strongly grew while she was in her last year of college 2018. As she dedicated her time and passion to the arts, she began doing graduation cap designs, graphic design and painting. Magdala Now serves her community through her art work as an artist, art instructor and entrepreneur.

As Magdala works with acrylic on canvas, contemporary art. She also uses other dimensions such as cotton balls, hand painting, and other objects to paint. She classifies her artwork with abstract and mixed media. Her passion begins with creating contemporary art for this young generation for them to relate and appreciate fine art in a world where everything is about technology. Magdala’s bold and passionate work reflects an abundant dimension of her experiences, mixed media, Haitian culture, social equality, and feminism. MC Atelier's mission is to continue to use her brand to support youths in both America and Haiti to receive a great education through the arts and change the perspective of what a real job may look like in her culture, hoping one day to open an art school in Haiti. M.C Artelier also hopes to showcase her work around her community.  She continues to be a creative spotlight not only as an artist but as an inspiration to others like herself who are young professionals in her community.